Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ways 2 love

1listen without interrupting2speak without accusing3give without sparing4pray without ceasing5 answer without arguing6 share without pretending7 enjoy without complaint8 trust without wavering9forgive without punishing10promise without forgetting if me ya thoughts on ways 2 love .


Big Fost said...

Good stuff bro! I agree 100%

Cgrant94 said...

All day

Big Red said...

When I find a man who can live by those rules, I'm gonna ask him to marry me!!! Well said!!

Leslie Christina said...

Now theres a man who understands love, the same admonishments should be displayed with your best of friends. Besides, true friendship is the foundation of LOVE- (thirtly)

~I'm Listening said...
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Anonymous said...

All of those things are 100% true...the issue is some men can say they will do all of those things and in actuality.....CANNOT LIVE UP TO THE EXPECTATIONS THEY SET! BUT IF YOU FIND A MAN WHO CAN...GOD HAS BLESSED YOU!

Anonymous said...

I am sure if male/female follow these completely (bible versus and all) you will be able to handle it.
10 Ways To LOVE..
1. Listen without Interrupting =Proverbs 18
2. Speak without Accusing = James 1:19
3. Give without Sparing =Proverbs 21:26
4. Pray without Ceasing = Colossians 1:9
5. Answer without Arguing = Proverbs 17:11
6. Share without Pretending = Ephesians 4:15
7. Enjoy without Complaint =Philippians 2:14
8. Trust without Wavering =Corinthians 13:7
9. Forgive without Punishing = Colossians 3:13
10. Promise without Forgetting = Proverbs 13:12